Beverly Hills Precious Metals Review

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Let us review “Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange”, one of the most common and known precious metal exchange company in the US. 

Founder & Owner: Andrew Sorchini

Products: Precious Metals

Partnered Custodian: Gold Star Trust Company

Better Business Bureau: Non-Accredited (4/Out of 5)

Business Consumer Alliance: AAA

Chamber Of Commerce: 3.9/Out of 5

Overall ratings: 2.5/ Out of 5

IRS regulations: 100% Compliant

IRA rollover charges: 100% FREE

Sales Tax: 

Within California – No sales tax is required when investing in numismatic coins of any amount and bullion of $1000+ USD

Outside California – No sales tax for bullion or numismatic coins purchases

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To help you choose the right precious metal provider for diversifying your investment portfolio, we looked into many providers of precious metals and came up with our honest reviews of different providers running in the US market.

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About Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange

With a successful history of 30 years, Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange, Inc., established in California, is based on the notion of patriotism and freedom and deals with clients who wish to have their hard-earned wealth protected and kept safe.

The company has a strong opinion about the government’s actions and laws regarding wealth spending and inflation.

Dealing in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, numismatic, collectibles, gold IRAs, and other precious metals, Beverly Hills Precious Metals has been assisting its clients in buying, liquidating, and providing IRA services with the most convenient process in the least amount of time.

Review on Beverly Hills Precious Metals

The company deals in mainly three types of gold – rare gold, bullion gold, and proof gold.

They do not possess any catalog for the buying or selling instructions. You can get all the information you require by contacting their representative at the contact number available on the website or by requesting a free consultation.  

The company is well-known among the natives and especially popular among famous conservative personalities like Michael Flynn and Clay Clark.

Discussing The Process - Is It A Customer-Centric Approach ?

Unlike other tangible assets, owning precious metals gives you confidence and safeguards against the continuous change in prices of other tangible assets as a result of ceaseless government policies.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals though deliver your precious metals to your home, the process is quite a handful at the start.

As mentioned earlier, there is no catalog on the website and you need to register yourself or request a consultation. The consultation is free but requires a team member to guide you through your questions about their inventory.

Once the team member receives your request for consultation, the next step is the negotiations.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals believe in making customer relationships. To meet every client’s unique product/service needs, they develop a customer-tailored buying experience by discussing the quality needs, conditions, price, product, service, state affairs, objectives, collectibles, the right investment plan, and all the necessary requirements to craft the ideal agreement.

Whether you are investing for a short time period or for IRA plans, a price is finalized and then the next step is the transferring of money.

The process may take 3-15 days after placing the order to finally receive the precious metals in hand. After complete funding, the precious metals are carefully transferred via shipping vaults from the company vaults under a trade ticket.

The package requires the signature of the official order placing person and with this the process completes.

There are two main drawbacks to this process which many customers do not like.

  • Having no inventory catalog on the website to select the desired precious metal.
  • Compulsory contacting the sales executive to discuss the inventory.

Buying Precious Metals

If you’re considering buying precious metals, the company website clearly states that the account/sales executive, helping you in the process is not a financial advisor and would not in any way guide you through your financial decision-making process.

The company does not have any information about its inventory on the website and therefore you need to contact the sales representative for a free consultation.

After you place your request, by filling out the form at the website or by directly calling a representative, you would be able to proceed further.

Consultation with Beverly Hills Precious Metals Sales Rep

Discuss all you need to know and any questions you have regarding the purchase and confirm only when you are satisfied. 

For payments, you can either fund your purchase via bank wire transfer or via check. 

It is essential that you discuss your payment method with the company representative before so that they can communicate with their financial department. This is important if you prefer bank wire transfers.

Credit cards are also another payment option that Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange accepts but only for orders up to $5000 USD.

The delivery is perfectly safe and reliable with no threats of theft as the shipments are dispatched with complete anonymity. 

With no added or hidden fees or charges, there is a flat fee for express shipping and insurance for the order’s total purchase value.

The company does not have any information about its inventory on the website and therefore you need to contact the sales representative for a free consultation.

After you place your request, by filling out the form at the website or by directly calling a representative, you would be able to proceed further.

Selling or Liquidating Precious Metals

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Reviewed

The company’s website is very user-friendly and gives clear step-by-step information about liquidation or selling your precious metals.

The selling process is simple and straightforward.

  • Free consultation with a representative.
  • Discuss the purchase price.
  • Communicate order details and instructions.
  • Evaluation of your precious metals.
  • Issuance of payment.

Free consultation with a representative

Call a sales representative or request a free consultation available via a sign-up form on the website’s contact page.

Discuss the purchase price

Discuss and negotiate about the type of your precious metal and its current market price. 

Once the representative gives you a quote, double-check it with the precious metal’s current market value.

There are a number of previous customers who testify buying the precious metals from Beverly Hills Precious Metals but no testimonials about selling.

Therefore, you need to keep your guard up and cross-check the offered price with the market price.

Communicate order details and instructions

When both you and the company agree at a particular price, the representative would provide you with a set of order details about transferring your precious metal.

Carefully note all the details as it will include the shipping instructions, about how to ship, where to ship, etc.

Do not worry as you would be guided through all the steps and your precious metals would not be exposed to any kind of theft. For a safe shipment, you need to be extremely careful in following the instructions.

Evaluation of your precious metals

Once your precious metals are received by the company, they are evaluated. 

Beverly Hills Precious Metals clearly states that they are not a “jewelry store” used as a medium for evaluating the price of your precious metal but are a fully functional entity, dealing in buying and selling.

Issuance of payment

After a detailed evaluation of the precious metal’s quality, the pre-determined payment is issued by the company.

Dealing in Physical Gold

When assisting clients who wish to add precious metals to their investment portfolios, one metal is extremely popular, Gold. 

Gold is an especially good investment during times of economic uncertainty, as it tends to retain its value when other asset prices are falling. 

The investing world is a complex one, and if you’re investing in precious metals for the first time, then just selecting gold as a precious metal might not be enough. 

The advantage of doing your investment with a professional company is that it offers you all the alternatives, different types, and sub-types of your selected precious metal.

For example, if you’re interested in gold, the company could offer you options such as coins, bars, or ETFs. Each of these has different benefits and risks that you should be aware of before making a decision. 

Doing your research and working with a professional can help you make the best choice for your needs and goals.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals’ website is unclear about any other precious metals but it clearly specifies the three types of gold that they offer from their inventory.

The 3 types of physical gold you can invest in at Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange Inc. are:


1. Gold Bullion:

Gold bullions are coins or bars that are made of gold and are often used as an investment option. They can be bought in different weights and sizes, and come in a variety of designs.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Gold Bullion Investment


2. Rare Gold:

Rare Gold also known as certified gold is a type of gold that is not as common as other types and is made in a limited number. It is usually harder to find and can be more expensive.


3. Proof Gold: 

Proof gold is a type of gold that is specially made to be collectible. It is typically more expensive than other types of gold, but it can also be more valuable because of its rarity. 

Proof gold coins are often made in limited numbers, and they may be more difficult to find on the market than other types of gold coins.

Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) Accounts

Smart people think about the future and with the continued uncertainty in the US economy, having a retirement plan has become extremely important.

If you are a serious precious metal buyer/seller, you are well aware of IRAs but if you are new to all this and thinking to start saving your wealth in precious metals from now, then you should consider precious metal IRA.

An IRA account, as the name suggests is a retirement arrangement where a particular percentage of an individual’s monthly/annual income transfers into an account that may be used after retirement.

Precious metal IRA is having that specific percentage of income used to buy precious metals. In this method, a third party is involved, usually, a bank to hold the precious metals.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals does not give a detailed explanation about the services they provide for IRA accounts.

The website highlights that it offers referrals for precious metal IRAs, unclear about the IRS requirements, third-party involvement, or any other requirement.

For gold IRA rollover and any more information about IRA accounts, you would have to contact the Beverly Hills Precious Metals representative, due to the insufficient information available online.


What is Gold IRA Rollover ?

A Gold IRA rollover is a way to invest in gold without having to physically own it. With a rollover, you can use funds from your existing retirement account to purchase gold, which will be held by a custodian on your behalf. 

There are several benefits to rolling over into a gold IRA, including 

  • Diversifying your portfolio
  • Hedging against inflation
  • Protecting your wealth

Custodians and Storage

The company though offering IRA services, does not specify any information about the custodial or storage services.

In regards to custody of the precious metal IRA, the company only discusses that it will guide you through all the paperwork and accelerate the process if you already have an account with an IRA institution.

Apart from what the website says, Beverly Hills Precious Metals is partnered with GoldStar Trust company as a depository custodian.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals and GoldStar Trust Partnership

Gold Star Trust Company is a famous IRA gold storage facility that offers services of storage and maintenance of your precious metals such as gold and silver. If you do not have an IRA account then you might be recommended to open an account with Gold Star Trust Company, and you may need to pay some extra bucks.

The company charges an account opening fee, annual maintenance fees plus an additional charge per year in order to maintain your investments; they also take care of security with 24/7 video surveillance systems that monitor every scene inside their headquarters building.

The Authenticity of Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange Inc.

Even though this company is not BBB accredited, nor it has extraordinary ratings, it is still endorsed by popular personalities like Clay Clark and General Michael Flynn.

With a client-focused 30+year experience, it is definitely not a scam and is a highly recommended precious metal exchange company by many.

The company takes real care when shipping precious metals and has them insured to avoid any potential theft or natural mishap.

The main drawback or loophole which the company faces is the lack of information available on the website.

With almost no information about inventory, storage, costs, expenses, IRA accounts, etc, the user has to talk to an accounts executive every time and first-time users are usually left stray at the website. 

The other drawback of this company involves delayed responses. Many previous customers complained about having little to no response to their calls and consultation requests via the sign-up form.

On the other hand, there is a lot of positive feedback from happy customers also, stating detailed guidance and explanation of the procedures and transfers by the representatives, which helped them with their investments and IRAs.

But along with all of this, it is always suggested to do thorough research, market survey, and investigation about the precious metal exchange companies before doing any investment.

Pros & Cons of Beverly Hills Precious Metals



  • It is endorsed by popular celebrities like Clay Clark and General Michael Flynn.
  • The website provides general information about the current US economy and explains the concepts of inflation, treasury, etc.
  • The website’s FAQ section covers quite a range of questions and answers which are extremely useful for first-time precious metal investors.
  • Offers free consultation with a direct call and representatives explaining every detail about the process (as indicated by happy customers).


  • No company inventory available on the website to select the desired precious metal.
  • Insufficient information on the website about many important topics like custodians, IRA, prices, charges, product type, etc, leads to confused and uncertain first-time users.
  • Compulsory contacting the company representative to discuss even minor things due to insufficient information on the website.
  • Many unsatisfied customers have highlighted that there is very little response to emails, scheduling the consultation.

Final Thoughts

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange Inc. is a highly experienced precious metal exchange company dedicated to providing customers with a wide variety of options for their precious metals.

Other than a few drawbacks to communication, its clients have had very positive feedback about the company, giving insights about the company’s satisfactory work.

In a nutshell, we can say that this company is not perfect having both positive and negative feedback from its previous clients.

But, with great care during shipping, evaluation, buying, selling, and other services, this is definitely one of our top picks for precious metal exchange.

Whether you need coins or bars, they offer it all. With an A+ rating from BBB, Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange Inc. is a great option to consider when looking for investing in precious metals.

Still, thinking about investing in precious metals? Let’s hear what Andrew Sorchini – founder of Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange Inc. has to say about precious metal securities and more details about investing in these tangible assets..

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of Beverly Hills Precious Metals.

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