Bishop Gold Group Review

Bishop Gold Group brings decades of precious metals market expertise to the table, setting up their customers for future financial success.

With every investment made, clients get more than just a purchase or sale, they gain unbeatable knowledge and confidence from this trusted platform that puts customer interests first.

Offering far-reaching services in all areas of retirement, security, planning as well as family economic stability assurance, those who work with Bishop will feel secure knowing they have maximum profit potential on any transaction due to its team mentality rather than a straight business partnership approach.

We understand that selecting a reliable company for investment can be a daunting task. Therefore, to help you choose the right precious metal provider for diversifying your investment portfolio, we looked into many providers of precious metals and came up with our honest reviews of different providers running in the US market.

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About the Bishop Gold Group

About Bishop Gold Group

Founder & CEO: Jack Oliver

Located in: Los Angeles, California

Partnered Custodian Company: Kingdom Trust, STRATA Trust Company 

IRS regulations: 100% Compliant

Glassdoor: 4.86/Out of 5-star

Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

Trustpilot: 4.8/Out of 5-star rating

Consumer Affairs: 5/Out of 5-star rating

Bishop Gold Group is a leader in the field of precious metals investments, providing financial security to beneficiaries across America.

With headquarters based out of Los Angeles and an extensive portfolio of investment opportunities tailored to every individual’s needs, BGG has established itself as one that values customer service above all else.

It is famous for delivering unparalleled care with personalized advice at any stage of its gold investing journey.

Bishop Gold Group is the resource for those looking to grow and protect their wealth.

Whether you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio with gold or seeking a secure place to store these precious metals locally or internationally, BGG allows both.

Plus, it offers free educational seminars around the country so investors can make informed decisions about their strategy.

When it comes time to invest – Bishop Gold Group guides customers every step of the way toward achieving long-term success.

Why Invest With Bishop Gold Group?

Invest with confidence – the Bishop Gold Group team is experts in financial strategies, so you can trust their advice for dedicating your savings to a profitable gold IRA.

They offer simple steps and tax law expertise as part of this smart investment strategy; investing in gold or other precious metals will protect your retirement funds from taxation along with ensuring steady growth rates over time.

Be reassured that when it comes to making investments, Bishop Gold has all the experience necessary!

Bishop Gold Group Reviews and Ratings

Bishop Gold Group has had a very impressive showing when it comes to ratings from multiple sources.

The Better Business Bureau has awarded them an A+ rating, and Trustlink as well as Trustpilot both have given the company 5-star reviews – making sure prospective clients get top-quality services.

ConsumerAffairs also gave their seal of approval with positive feedback from their community; solidifying that this financial group is certainly one worth looking into for reliable investment options!

Bishop Gold Group consistently exceeds customer expectations by providing personalized, timely guidance and expert knowledge when it comes to investing in gold and silver.

Customers appreciate their no-pressure approach as well as the fast delivery of purchases made from them over time.

Whether customers are just starting out or have done business with other companies previously for precious metals investments – BGG has been praised for its excellent service that makes each feel welcomed at every step!

Service Offerings

Precious Metal IRA

Bishop Gold Group provides services for establishing gold-based IRAs or converting existing accounts.

It offers diversified portfolio management strategies, helping clients maximize returns on their investments with less volatility than the stock market offers.

With a rollover from an IRA into one of our golden portfolios you’ll be ready to set yourself up for success!

Sale/ Purchase of Precious Metals

At Bishop Gold Group, you have an opportunity to invest in the finest precious metals.

BGG offers a wide selection of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to buy and also permits the selling of these metals.

It also provides a wide selection of bars and rounds which is ideal if you want to take advantage of retirement funds now available on these high-value assets.

Precious Metal Prices

BGG wants to ensure that the clients are making informed decisions regarding their investments.

They provide current gold prices and historical records going back 48 years to accurately assess total returns for investing in precious metals such as gold.

By staying up-to-date on changes and trends within the market, customers can take advantage of price increases when they arise; ensuring maximum profits from these secure investments.

Precious Metal Prices

How To Open Precious Metals IRA and IRA Rollover

To open a precious metal IRA or have an IRA rollover, BGG has an easy 4-step process. This includes:

Step 1: Transfer Funds to New Custodian

The first step involves transferring your funds from your old custodian account to a new precious metal IRA. This involves working with highly recognized custodian companies.

Step 2: Guidance About Purchase

The company representative explains the details and all the aspects of the investment and answers any questions you may have.

Step 3: String Metals At Depository

Once you have selected your desired precious metals, set up a new precious metal IRA and transferred funds, you can continue to select the right depository for your precious metals.

A depository provides safe storage and insurance of your metals.

Step 4: Monitor Retirement Accounts

Do not leave your account after the setup process, keep an eye on it. The company representative aids you with anything regarding your investment.

Precious Metal Coins

Bishop Gold Group has many precious metals in its inventory to offer. It offers famous coins from different categories. The categories are as follows.


  • American Gold Coins
  • Canadian Gold Coins
  • Mexican Gold Coins
  • British Gold Coins
  • Dutch Gold Coins
  • Australian Gold Coins
  • South African Gold Coins


  • American Silver Coins
  • Canadian Silver Coins
  • Australian Silver Coins


  • American Eagle Platinum Coin


  • Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium Coin
Precious Metal Bars

Precious Metal Bars

BGG offers a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars in different sizes and weights mentioned below.


  • 1 g Gold Bars
  • 2.5 g Gold Bars
  • 5 g Gold Bars
  • 20 g Gold Bars
  • 25 g Gold Bars
  • 50 g Gold Bars
  • 100 g Gold Bars
  • 1 oz Gold Bars
  • 5 oz Gold Bars
  • 10 oz Gold Bars
  • 1 kg Gold Bars


  • 1 oz Silver Bars
  • 5 oz Silver Bars
  • 10 oz Silver Bars
  • 100 oz Silver Bars


  • Platinum Bars & Rounds


  • Palladium Bars & Rounds

How to Own Precious Metals at Bishop Gold Group

To buy precious metals at BGG simply select the precious metal you desire and contact a company representative by directly calling the given contact number available at the website or sending an online form also available on the website.

A company representative would reply by contacting you by himself.

Bishop Gold Group Fees

Bishop Gld Group does not specify any fees associated with the precious metal purchase, sale, creating new IRA, or IRA rollover.

The company only informs on its website that annual and setup fees may apply in the case of any retirement plan.

Custodians, Storage, and Security Policies

BGG does not offer custodian services but offers a list of high-rated self-directed custodian companies like Kingdom Trust and STRATA Trust Company to its clients.

The company offers a list of highly secured depository companies like Brink’s Global Service and Delaware Depository to its customers for storage services.

Pros and Cons


  • Good customer reviews and ratings.
  • Has a strong reputation in the precious metal industry.
  • Has a client-centric approach.


  • Costs are not mentioned on the website.
  • The company is slow in responding to complaints from customers.
  • Discussions with custodians are not handled by BGG.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bishop Gold Group is a great company with many happy customers and much appreciated but there are a few drawbacks when working with the company.

When you go with Bishop Gold Group, get ready to roll up your sleeves and take the reigns. From generating paperwork to liaising directly with custodians, it’s all on you!

Other gold IRA companies may provide a more streamlined experience by walking clients through each step of application processing – even talking with custodian reps themselves – so keep that in mind when considering options.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of Bishop Gold Group.

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