Among the most precious metals, gold, and silver are two of the most important and widely known which everyone agrees to be the perfect safety solution for a volatile economy.

Investing in tangible assets has become an extreme need of an individual today. With the continuous ups and downs in the US market, it is important to safeguard your wealth by investing in the right place.

Where other tangible assets may face a drop in price due to government policies, precious metals are a great investment to have your futures secured.

For investing in gold and silver, one of our top pick precious metals investment company is “Goldco”. So, let us review it in detail to have a clear idea before investing.

Founder & CEO: Trevor Gerszt

Located in: Los Angeles, California

Partnered Custodian Company: Equity Trust Company, Delaware Depository

IRS regulations: 100% Compliant

IRA rollover charges: 100% FREE

Business Consumer Alliance Inc. Rating: AAA with 5/Out of 5 star

Better Business Bureau Rating: A+ with 4.86/Out of 5-star

TrustLink: 4.8/Out of 5-star rating

Trustpilot: 4.8/Out of 5-star rating

Consumer Affairs: 4.8/Out of 5-star rating

Google My Business: 4.9/Out of 5-star rating

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To help you choose the right precious metal provider for diversifying your investment portfolio, we looked into many providers of precious metals and came up with our honest reviews of different providers running in the US market.

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With that being said, let´s continue with the review on Goldco.

About Goldco:

With over a decade of experience in precious metals, Goldco is the most popular and top-recommended precious metals provider in the industry.

Highly recommended by famous celebs like Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris, Ben Stein, and Stew Peters, it is the most trusted company for buying gold, silver, and precious metal IRAs.

With the objective of helping their clients save their hard-earned wealth and transferring the funds into precious metal assets in the easiest, most convenient, and most time-consuming process, Goldco has earned great appreciation.

Its mission statement includes effective solutions to financial security and tailoring diversified strategies according to client needs, guiding them in the entire saving strategic process.

The goal of Goldco seems to be providing personalized attention and quality service aiming for 100% customer satisfaction which they have definitely achieved based on customer feedback.

A company that started in 2011, due to its highly professional team, goals, and objectives, Goldco is proudly a successful company placing more than USD $1 billion in gold and silver.

It helps its customers with both IRA products and direct buying of gold and silver coins for physical delivery.

Having an average star rating of 4.8 out of 5, BBB Accredited, AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance Inc., and hundreds of positive testimonials from happy customers, Goldco has proved itself to be the top precious metal exchange company.

The company website features the inventory catalog to select your desired precious metal and almost anything you need to know when thinking of investing in precious metals.

About Goldco

From economic insights, political insights, retirement planning, banks, and hence, anything related to your investments in precious metals, Goldco educates about everything.

This helps a newbie, researching for investment securities to dive into the world of precious metal investments without a hitch and to easily have all the information required in the decision-making process.

Goldco Awards and Achievements

Goldco being a successful company has proved itself to be #1 among its contenders. This is not what only we are saying but for the last six years, the company has been receiving great appreciation and love for its client-focused quality service.

Goldco has consecutively won the Silver Stevie® Award in the Company of the Year 2022 and 2021 categories at The 20th Annual American Business Awards® and The 19th Annual American Business Awards® respectively.

It has also been honored, making it into the list of Inc. 5000 as America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for the sixth time in a row.

In 2021, it ranked 22nd in the Top 25 fastest-growing private companies in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Business Journal.

With great awards and recognition, Goldco is also one of the few companies that surpassed USD $1 Billion in precious metal placements since 2011.

Goldco A+ ratings and awards

The company has received much praise from its clients and a received great popularity as the company has been seen on famous media platforms like :

  • WND

For a company, the things that matter the most are the bucks and the customer response and we already discussed their achievement with dollar bills. Whereas as a customer, what matters the most is effective solutions to what they are looking for.

Almost all of the customer reviews and testimonials about Goldco are positive with a friendly vibe of appreciation for their services.

Company representatives are always quick to respond to questions and concerns, which is reassuring for anyone considering working with them.

The company has a great star rating on various review websites. With a few complaints present, it is also important to mention that all the complaints were taken into account and resolved by the company. Some of the review websites include:

  • Google Reviews
  • Trustpilot
  • Trustlink
  • Consumer Affairs Accredited
  • Better Business Bureau

Goldco’s Product & Service Offerings

Goldco is a big name in the gold and silver purchase market. It offers its clients services guiding them to have the best precious metal investment plan.

The friendly team guides its clients in diversifying their portfolios with precious metals by providing them with the necessary information for the right financial investment.

The company provides both precious metals backed IRA and tangible forms of gold and silver.

The company helps its clients in many decision-making processes and tailors the perfect package for them. It helps you understand the benefits of precious metal investment, opening a new Gold IRA, rolling over an existing IRA into precious metal IRA, purchasing gold/silver for personal financing, etc.

Once you are convinced about the type of financing you desire, Goldco is ready to offer you its great precious metal inventory.

Goldco Reviewed

With a wide range of IRA-approved gold and silver coins and bars and non-IRA-approved gold and silver available, you are able to buy whatever fits your investment plan.

In a nutshell, the main services that Goldco provides include:

  • Gold IRA
  • Silver IRA
  • 401(k) Rollover
  • Traditional and Roth IRA Planning
  • SEP IRA Planning, and
  • Simple IRA Planning

Getting Started With Goldco Precious Metals

Gold and silver, accepted by all are the only tangible assets that safeguard your wealth against the continuous drop in the dollar rate.

In an uncertain US economy, where the ever-changing government laws have a great effect on your hard-earned money, investing in other tangible assets may not be a good idea, but gold and silver have always been coveted having the confidence to always increase your investment in the future.

Therefore, it is always smart to invest in something that does not shake with the trembling economy. You can easily roll over your 401(k) or 403(b) accounts without any hassle.

If you are interested in investing in precious metals with Goldco, contact their representative or sign-up with a form for a consultation. You can even request a free kit by filling out the “Request Free-Kit” form and having it delivered to your doorsteps for more information.

Investing precious metals with Goldco

When you are ready to start with your desired precious metal journey, simply follow the instructions for purchasing precious metals or setting up a precious metal IRA account.

The staff at Goldco is very friendly and helpful. You can contact them for any information at any point in the process during their business hours.

Goldco’s working hours are Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 am- 5:00 pm and 7:00 am-4:00 pm on Fridays

Providing both IRA-approved gold, silver, and non-IRA-approved precious metals, Goldco is 100% compliant with IRS regulations.

IRA-approved Precious Metals

Complaint with the IRS regulations, Goldco offers only the finest gold and silver available in coins, bars, and billions. You can secure your future without any strain by investing in IRA precious metal accounts with the added benefit of lowered taxes.

For IRA-approved investments, the company assures a quality fineness of 99.5% for gold and a minimum of 99.9% fineness for silver as per IRS regulations.

Non-IRA Precious Metals

At Goldco, non-IRA precious metals are available in both coins and bars and minted in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

These precious metals are not age-restricted. This means that the buyer does not need to provide proof of their age. Also, it does not require proof of income.

The company offers home-delivery services or provides depository vaults with its partners.

It sells Chuck Norris’ “Five Principles” coin. The coin engraves the actor’s life principles namely Faith, Family, Fitness, Freedom, and Fight. The coin comes along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Precious Metal Coins

Goldco provides a wide range of gold and silver coins for both IRA and individual investments. For a precious metal (gold or silver) to be held in an IRA, it needs to be .995 in pure gold or .999 in pure silver.

There is one exception though. The American Gold Eagle Coin can be added to IRA gold even with a purity level of .9167.

Following is a list of the gold and silver coins from Goldco’s precious metal inventory.


Gold Coins

Gold-IRA-approved coins at Goldco include:

  1. Gold American Eagle Coin
  2. Gold American Eagle Proof
  3. Gold American Bald Eagle Coin
  4. Gold Buffalo Coin
  5. Gold Australian Striped Marlin Coin
  6. Gold Liberty Coin
  7. Gold Phoenix Coin
  8. Gold Independence Hall Coin
  9. Gold Australian Sea Turtle Coin
  10. Gold Valor Coin
  11. Gold Maple Leaf Coin
  12. Gold Freedom Coin
  13. Gold Freedom and Hope Coin
  14. Gold Lucky Dragon Coin
  15. Gold Australian Saltwater Crocodile
  16. Gold Military Guinea
  17. Gold British Lunar Series Coins


Silver Coins

Silver-IRA-approved coins at Goldco include:

  1. Silver American Eagle Coin
  2. Silver American Eagle Proof Coin
  3. Silver American Bald Eagle Coin
  4. Silver Australian Spotted Eagle Ray Coin
  5. Silver Australian Striped Marline Coin
  6. Silver Australian Sea Turtle Coin
  7. Silver Great Barrier Reef Coin
  8. Silver Liberty Coin
  9. Silver Phoenix Coin
  10. Silver Mayflower Coin
  11. Silver Valor Coin
  12. Silver Military Guinea Coin
  13. Silver Freedom & Hope Coin
  14. Silver Maple Leaf Coin
  15. Silver Freedom Coin
  16. Silver Lucky Dragon Coin
  17. Silver Australian Saltwater Crocodile Coin
  18. Silver World War I Coin
  19. Silver WWII Victory Coin
  20. Silver Veteran Coin
  21. Silver 20th Anniversary Britannia Coin
  22. Silver Britannia Lunar Series Coins

Precious Metal Bars

Goldco is not only limited to coins, it has options for gold and silver bars as well. Following are the famous gold and silver bars available at Goldco, IRA-approved, and beneficial to secure wealth.


  • Perth Mint Gold bar
  • PAMP Suisse Gold bar



  • Perth Mint Silver bar
  • PAMP Suisse Silver bars

How to Open Precious Metals IRA account and IRA Rollover

Opening a precious metal IRA account is extremely easy. On Goldco’s website, the company provides easy instructions on how to open a new IRA account or to convert any other account into IRA.

The website guides in the opening of new Gold IRA and Silver IRA accounts along with a list of precious metals to buy.

First, let us focus on opening a new account. For this, you can simply call a Goldco representative at the provided number on the website or simply fill out an application online.

Provide your identification information and Social Security number. This information is very common and required for investment accounts.

You would be further guided to select the right precious metal investment with the company email or mail. Select the gold or silver suitable for your IRA.

Opening a new precious metal IRA account with Goldco requires three easy steps.

Goldco IRA investment

Step 1- Open your IRA

Sign an agreement to understand your purchase and Goldco’s terms and conditions. A representative will be available for your guidance and to help you throughout the process.


Step 2- Fund Your Self-Directed IRA/ Rollover

The second step involves rolling over the assets from your existing retirement accounts and using them to fund your new precious metal IRA.

You can easily roll over your accounts to precious metal IRA account. The eligible account types include 401(k), 403(b), 457s, TSP savings, or Pension accounts.

You can enjoy hassle-free transfers without any tax consequences.


Step 3- Purchase Your Precious Metals

After owning a precious metal IRA, you can move forward to the final step of selecting which precious metal you wish to have in your new account.

You can select any gold or silver coin, bar, or bullion from Goldco’s inventory available online.

How to Own Precious Metals at Goldco

Now that you have created your very own precious metal IRA account, it is time to have your assets transferred.

Even if you are not willing to have precious metals for IRA accounts you can still purchase them. Following are the easy three steps for owning precious metal.

gold investment

Step 1 – Sign your agreement

You would be provided with a customer agreement form by the company to help you understand the company’s terms of conditions and security of your precious metal purchase.


Step 2 – Fund your account

There are two ways to fund your account via bank wire or mailing a check.

You can send the check via mail to Goldco’s head office in Los Angeles, CA which will help you avoid the shipping costs as Goldco will send your precious metals with a FedEx shipping label.


Step 3 – Select your precious metals

After your account has been funded, you can select your preferred precious metal.

There are three ways that Goldco offers for possession of your selected metal. You can qualify for free storage services, have it delivered to your home, or send it to your preferred independent insured depository.

Point of Difference

Goldco is considered one of the best places to buy precious metals and IRA rollovers. This is because the company has made itself different in giving quality help to its customers through its representatives and providing easy-to-understand process steps on its website.

Goldco understands what the market demands and therefore they do not waste its resources on other metals. You would not find precious metals other than gold and silver in their product catalog.

Providing the customers with to-the-point information and products make it different than other precious metal companies.

It offers its customers real-time and historic gold and silver prices and many informative articles and news about investments, the economy, inflation, gold, silver, and much more which helps a new investor easily identify the pros, cons, and necessities of investing in precious metals.

It offers bonuses and special offers for new customers and free rollover services which attract more and more clients.

Goldco does not just sell precious metals, it develops relationships and therefore takes all its queries and complaints very seriously. This is the main reason why they have achieved such high ratings all over the internet.

Goldco Fees

Sure, this is the most important part that an investor needs to know when in search of the right company to work with.

There are no hidden costs that Goldco charges but it also does not mention any costs on its website.

You would be able to know about the fees associated with the company when contacting the company representative.

Some of the basic fee structure is as follows:

  • Minimum precious metal IRA investment = $25,000
  • Minimum non-IRA investment = $3,500
  • Initial setup fee (one-time) =$50
  • Wire fee (one-time) = $30
  • Annual administration fee = $80
  • Non-segregated annual storage fee = $100
  • Segregated annual storage fee = $150

New account holders enjoy a special offer. They do not need to pay the fees of the first year of the contract equalling $260.

But would have to pay annually $180 + storage fees in the successive years

Along with this, Goldco charges no fees for non-IRA transactions or direct purchase of precious metals and store them without any charges. You only need to pay the amount of your selected precious metal.

Buyback Guarantee

One of the reasons why Goldco is so much popular and appreciated is because of its great offers and promotions.

It offers a buyback program that provides you the confidence to invest in precious metals without the stress of the future’s changing circumstances.

Goldco's Buy Back program

If for some reason, the situation is not suitable for precious metals, you can always sell them back to the company and receive the highest prices for your precious metals.

In this way, even if the conditions are unfavorable, you would be at ease knowing that you can have your assets recovered at any time.

Custodians, Storage, and Security Policies

When it comes to security and safety precious metals need a lot of care. Therefore, IRS has specified certain rules for precious metal IRAs.

If you own a precious metal IRA, IRS forbids you to keep it at your home and mandates it to keep it at an IRS-approved depository ensuring the safety of your precious metals.

Check out the following video where Brenda Whiteman, director of IRA services explains the self-storage gold IRA.

When you buy precious metals from Goldco, it offers you a list of all major Self-Directed IRA custodians to select your preferred storage vault. However, it’s default storage and custodian institution is Delaware Depository.

This is a highly recognized and trusted depository, having 200 years of experience in precious metal dealing.

With state-of-the-art security and technology, the vaults are highly guarded to avoid any sort of theft, loss, or damage to your investments.

It partners with Lloyd’s of London for full-coverage insurance of all the precious metals available at the depository, so you can rest assured that your investment is in safe hands.

Additionally, you are not obligated to keep precious metals at a financial custodial institution if you own non-IRA precious metals. But it is highly recommended that you keep it safe, and insured at a recognized depository to avoid any unexpected circumstances.

Shipping and Transit Policies

Goldco gives a very clear explanation of its shipping and transit policies.

All the packages at Goldco are fully insured for the entire package value and are registered with U.S. Mail, UPS, and Federal Express after the goods are fully funded. Upon delivery, signatures are also required by the owner of the package.



  • It takes 4-15 business days to receive the precious metals after complete funding. The time period may also increase to 45 business days after complete funding due to any market fluctuation.
  • For precious metal IRA accounts or 401(k) rollover, the precious metal/metals would be delivered directly to the pre-determined depository.
  • Goldco’s bank account takes a minimum of 12 days to clear funding via checks.


Transit loss:

  • If any of the insured items are found to be lost or stolen, Goldco has promised its customers to either refund or replace the goods.
  • Goldco also states that if the customer had given instructions to leave the package of goods unattended, then the company would not be responsible for the loss.

How to Contact Goldco:

You can contact Goldco by any of the following three mediums:

  • Via mail at 24025 Park Sorrento, Suite 210, Calabasas, CA 91302 United States
  • Via email at

Via call at (855) 450.1394

Special Offers

Who doesn’t like special offers? Goldco understands that and therefore provides its customers with special promotions time and again to enjoy the perks and make them feel special.

Currently, Goldco is running the following promotions for its new customers:

  • Invest in precious metals and receive 10% FREE Silver back with 100% free shipping.
  • Waive up to $320 upfront account fees for the first year by opening a $50,000 account.
  • Earn free metals worth $2,500 (5%) by investing $50,000 in precious metals.

Why Choose Goldco for Gold and Silver ?

When a company is offering so much, you simply cannot resist.

With the highest buyback rates, promotions, offers, great customer service, educational learning at the website, all-certified precious metals, and everything great, there is nothing that can be used against Goldco.

The friendly vibe of the company seems to put people at ease, and they seem to genuinely care about their customer’s experiences.

Goldco reviews and ratings

In addition, the company’s online presence is very active, which makes it easy for potential customers to find information and read reviews. Overall, Goldco seems to be a company that cares about its customers and provides a good product or service.

If you’re looking for a gold IRA company that will give you the peace of mind and security you deserve, Goldco is definitely worth considering.

Pros and Cons


  • Verified and accredited by BBB, BCA, TrustLink, and Trustpilot.
  • Endorsements by strong media figures
  • Certified coins, bars, and billions.
  • Highest buyback rates.
  • Professional help at every step of the process.
  • Offers free account rollovers.
  • Real-time and historic gold, and silver prices to compare and analyze.
  • Latest and up-to-date news and articles.
  • Easy diversification of your accounts.
  • Both IRA and non-IRA precious metal investment offers are available


  • No pricing information is available on the website.
  • No information about custodial institutions is available on the website.
  • Gold and silver bar weights are not clearly available on the website.

Still not clear about Goldco? Check out the video below to learn more about buying from Goldco:

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a company with a great track record and high recommendations, Goldco is definitely worth considering.

It is one of our top pick precious metal companies offering almost everything a precious metal investor would want.

Though there is some ambiguity about custodial services and the pricing on the website, the company’s representatives guide its clients properly thought-out the process.

Having famous celebs endorse it and a record of placing more than $1 billion in gold and silver along with an average 4.8-star rating, you should rest assured that your wealth is being invested with the right people.

1 Tonne Gold Coin

After researching over 100 companies, they were the clear #1 choice.